The name “Neighborhood Yoga” reflects both the setting and the attitude. Neighborhood Yoga is a studio for the moving arts, and a space that brings together a community of people with common interests.

The spacious studio, which overlooks downtown Boone has hardwood maple floors and plenty of windows for natural light and passive solar heat.

Neighborhood Yoga is located in downtown Boone, N.C. in the studio behind 212 Water St., only one and a half blocks north of King St. Parking is limited, but there is ample metered parking on Queen Street.

For more information call 828-265-0377



* Incense Awareness – There is a possibility that any teacher may burn incense before class. This is part of a long yogic tradition and is meant as an offering. We also understand that some people with respiratory issues such as asthma may be sensitive to it. If this is the case, it is most helpful if you notify us before class and we will certainly refrain from burning it. We typically do not burn incense during asana class, but may for certain workshops, pujas, kirtans, etc. Thank you for your part in making it a positive experience for everyone. Namaste